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Ductwork Sealing in Tucson, AZ | Aeroseal & Duct Sealing

Have you noticed lengthy HVAC running times or rising energy bills? Are there rooms in the home that are difficult to heat and cool? How about musty smells, excessive airborne dust, or unpleasant temperature fluctuations? These are all signs of duct leaks. The majority of homes in Tucson, AZ and surrounding areas sacrifice thirty percent of heated/cooled air to flaws in the duct system. Temperature Control, Inc. answers the challenge through proven, state-of-the-art, duct sealing technology.

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Temperature Control, Inc. specializes in Aeroseal duct sealing. We target leaks from the inside out, effectively accessing the entirety of the system and delivering outstanding results. There’s no damage, mess, odors, or residue left behind. We introduce pressurized air laced with adhesive polymer particles. As the air escapes through holes in the ducts, the particles buildup and gradually create an airtight seal. The process is computer guided and we verify results and provide a written record.

Leave your duct sealing services in Tucson, AZ to the professionals from Temperature Control, Inc.!

Get in touch with Temperature Control, Inc. at (520) 775-3566 for duct sealing anywhere across Tucson, AZ. We’re happy to complete accurate diagnosis of your home’s duct system. We tell it to you straight and our recommendations target your best interests and cost-effective results.

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