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Are you interested in the many advantages of tankless water heating? This modern alternative to bulky tanks is about the size of a small suitcase, allows more flexibility of location and mounts on the wall, freeing up valuable space. Because the unit heats water on-demand, you enjoy instant and endless hot water. Reach out to Temperature Control, Inc. at (520) 815-5665 to find out if tankless water heating is right for your household or light commercial needs in Casa Adobes, Arizona.

While the initial investment into tankless heating is higher than a conventional alternative, the energy efficiency and lifespan more than covers it. While a tank typically lasts around ten to fifteen years, a tankless unit can last up to twenty years with proper yearly maintenance from Temperature Control, Inc.. And by avoiding standby energy losses, most homeowners trim running costs anywhere from 24 to 34%

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For new construction installation, conversion to tankless or replacement, Temperature Control, Inc. provides recommendations to match your specific requirements, draws from only models with proven track records and ensures peak performance through conscientious workmanship. On the job for 42 years, we help you make best decisions and enjoy unmatched value, convenience and satisfaction. Get in touch for all tankless services, including essential maintenance, repairs and 24/7 emergency response.

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