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Low water pressure is more than aggravating or inconvenient. It’s frequently an indication of problems with the plumbing. Temperature Control, Inc. is a locally owned operation, happy to help and available for 24/7 emergency repairs. With 41 years of professional plumbing services in Tucson, AZ and surrounding areas, we know what to look for and how to fix it. Our highly trained plumbers have the experience, specialized tools and skills to deliver effective and lasting results quickly, affordably and without damage.

Here are some common reasons for low water pressure:

  • Leaks

    – When water drains from a leak rather than making it to the fixtures, pressure declines. A sudden and drastic decrease from one or more sources indicates a problem that requires immediate attention. If water pressure has been consistently low for a while, there may be a smaller leak. These tend to be harder to locate. It’s always best to hire professional plumbers.

  • Water supplier issues

    – The fault might not be your plumbing but the delivery process. A reduction in the supply of water from the treatment plant, damage due to construction and a wide variety of things can go wrong. A whole-house drop in pressure and the neighbors experiencing the same concerns indicates water supply problems.

  • Broken fixtures

    – Complaints with a single shower, tub, sink or toilet might be due to an older/damaged fixture or clogged aerators.

  • Clogged pipe

    – A blockage in a water supply pipe isn’t common but can happen. Tree roots are attracted to moisture and can find their way inside the pipe and restrict water flow.

  • Water valve issues

    – Small valves control water flow from the main water supply to provide the correct amount entering the home’s plumbing system. Make sure the main shutoff valve to the home is fully open.

  • Failing pressure regulator

    – This optional fixture works to standardize water pressure in the home. If pressure declines throughout the home, the regulator may be reading pressure incorrectly. Ask Temperature Control, Inc. to test your pressure regulator.

  • Corroded pipes

    – Mineral buildup within the pipes gradually diminishes diameter and restricts water flow, leading to a drop in pressure. Corrosion is only an issue with iron, copper or steel pipes and often found in older homes.

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