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Temperature Control has provided effective plumbing solutions to everyday challenges for 42 years. We offer an extensive selection of services and opportunities for improvement of the quality, pressure and efficiency of your water supply. Ready to start enjoying the benefits of a water filtration system. Contact us today by filling out our online form or calling (520) 815-5665. We schedule water filtration system installation, upkeep and repairs across Tucson, Casas Adobes, Catalina Foothills, Amphi, Flowing Wells, Oro Valley, Tortolita, and Catalina, AZ.

Water Filtration Experts from Temperature Control

Locally owned and operated, Temperature Control is well aware of issues with hard water and the long-term consequences to everything from skin, hair and teeth to linens, pipes and appliances. We highly recommend a water filtration system selected to perfectly suit the specific issues with your household water. Here are some of the many rewards:

Benefits of a Water Filtration System

  • Less cleaning

    – Hard water leaves behind residue, stains and soap scum that is labor-intensive and time-consuming to remove. Harsh cleaning chemicals can damage finishes. Water filtration ensures that your plumbing fixtures stay cleaner longer.

  • Better taste

    – Removing hard water minerals gets rid of that chemical taste. You’ll be able to drink water from the tap.

  • Odors and appearance

    – Does your water have a murky look or an orange tint? Does it give off a foul odor? A water filtration system delivers clear water with no bad smell.

  • Better pressure

    – As hard water moves through the supply and drainage pipes, it leaves behind sediment and minerals that build up and reduce the diameter, reducing water flow and pressure.

  • Protect the pipes

    – Hard water accelerates issues with pipes such as clogs and corrosion.

  • Better for appliances

    – Water heaters, dishwashers, clothes washers, coffee makers and any appliance that utilizes water is negatively impacted by hard water. Efficiency, reliability and longevity suffers.

  • Less soap

    – Not only does hard water impede the ability of soap to lather, it tends to leave a film behind. Using less soap is better for you, your budget and the plumbing system.

  • Clean dishes

    – Do the dishes come out of the dishwasher looking worse than when they went in? Blame the integrity of the water.

  • Hair and skin

    – Frizzy hair and dry, itchy skin are consequences of hard water.

  • Clothing and linens

    – Avoid stains, keep fabrics brighter and softer and extend the lifespan of clothing and linens with a water filtration system.

  • No more bottled water

    – A filtration system provides clean drinking water, eliminating the need to buy and haul bottled water.

  • Less negative environmental impact

    – Reduce the number of plastic bottles ending up in landfills.

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Customer Insights

Heater went out the other day and I finally called Temperature Control in Oro Valley. They sent out a senior tech Jeremy Oliver who was very knowledgeable and explained what’s was going on in laymen’s terms. He gave us multiple option on how to move forward and had us heating with in a few hours. I didn’t know they do plumbing and electrical too. Found my new one stop home repair company

I. Angelina

Reggie and Rick did an awesome job. Everything was done on time. They cleaned everything up really well after. Any questions asked were answered/shown. Highly recommend for plumbing!

S. Leteff

From proposal through install, Temperature Control was informative, provided excellent service and educated us on the new system. Anthony and Allen went above and beyond in providing us with a bid that included discounts applied, as well as additional ongoing services. The techs who installed our systems worked a long day, and welcomed our questions as well as educating us on system use. All involved were professional, of high quality and pleasant.

S. Wilson

Johnny Guerrero was an outstanding tech that delivered the most professionalism I have seen in a very long time. He was able to diagnose and perform technical services on our unit that gave our unit most up-to-date technology. Recommended for any services needed.

J. Calen

We experienced outstanding service today from Eddie Cervantes and Rick with Temperature Control Plumbing. This team made a service call today in response to our Sunday call to the company. They identified our hot water issue quickly, and resolved it during their call. Five star service and professionalism from both technicians!

H. Montgomery

Our technician, Cesar, was great! He was knowledgeable, professional, and worked very fast. We will call him again whenever a plumbing need arises, and would recommend him to our friends.

L. Rydalch

We have used TempCon for 20 years and been very happy with the level of service and the technicians. Tyler has been coming out a little less than a year and he is superb. Competent, efficient and explains what he is doing and why. The best of the best! I highly recommend this company for all your HVAC needs.

B. Brown

We’ve had two separate experiences with Temperature Control and both were positive. Their techs know their stuff and take their time and thoroughly check everything out during their diagnostic process. I will continue using them moving forward. Jesus, the technician that came out yesterday, was just amazing!

L. Busse

Catalina Foothills, AZ

Tucson, AZ

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