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The water heater operates every day, handling a variety of household requirements. From showering to laundering clothes, the system is constantly working and experiencing wear and tear. While professional maintenance from Temperature Control, Inc. prolongs the lifespan of the unit, water heaters don’t last forever. Tank-style water heaters typically last from 8 and 12 years. Tankless water heaters can provide upwards of twenty years of reliability.

Water Heater Service from Temperature Control, Inc.

It’s best not to wait for the water heater to fail completely before taking action. Being proactive helps to avoid inconvenience, water damage and needless expense. Temperature Control, Inc. is happy to evaluate the integrity of the water heater, explain options and handle installation. Our experience translated into cost-effective decisions, quality water heaters and unmatched value. We offer 24/7 emergency water heating services across Tucson, Casas Adobes, Catalina Foothills, Amphi, Flowing Wells, Oro Valley, Tortolita, and Catalina, AZ.

Here are signs that the life of the water heater is reaching an end:

  • Lukewarm or cold water

    – A drop in water temperature is a common indication of water heater problems. The buildup of minerals on the lining of the tank form a barrier between the heating element and the water, forcing the system to work harder to achieve the ideal temperature. Eventually, the accumulation becomes too severe for the water heater to function effectively.

  • Odd noises

    – Popping or rumbling noises are a bad sign. Once the lining of the tank corrodes, pockets of air boil and create strange sounds.

  • Discoloration and odors

    – As minerals and rust build up in the tank, the contaminants eventually enter the pipes and reach faucets and taps. While murky water and metallic odors can be due to issues with the pipes, it’s typically a sign of water heater corrosion.

  • Leaks

    – If the tank leaks, it’s time to replace it. Cracks in the lining of the tank can quickly escalate into flooding and major damage.

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